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What to Expect When you Visit
Pura Vida Chiropractic

Our San Antonio chiropractic office, located in the Castle Hills area, serves patients who want a more natural approach that works to address the root cause of their issues and help them create the health and quality of life they desire.

The first step is sitting down for an initial visit and going over a detailed history and examination. If X-rays are required a we utilize in office state of the art Digital X-rays. The first visit is about learning, discovering, and connecting with you.

Then we will schedule for a second appointment where we will go over your findings and present to you a personally individualized care plan specific to your healthcare needs.

Our Mission at
Pura Vida Chiropractic

The mission of Pura Vida Chiropractic is to empower the San Antonio community to achieve the health and wellness that it deserves. We put our patients first. We listen to you and help you heal. Our unique holistic approach is more proactive than traditional care. I’m a local San Antonio chiropractor, located in the Castle Hills area, who truly wants to see my patients living a healthy lifestyle. Through my own journey with health and healing I have traveled over 3 continents and 5 different countries. I have studied with master’s in chiropractic, medicine, and naturopathic medicine. Through my studies I learned that symptoms were only the tip of the iceberg. When I first began to learn about chiropractic I thought it was for pain relief but then I realized that it was so much more. I came to a realization that by only focusing on the pain and not correcting the underlying cause of the pain or the problem as doctor’s we would be doing our patients a huge dis-service. This was a major shift for me as I began studying chiropractic. There are so many specialists out there who focus on pain and so few that concentrate on health and healing. I began to study how I could help my patients not only get well quickly but stay well longer. That has become my only focus, to help sick people not only get well but stay well.

3 Different Patient Types

At Pura Vida Chiropractic, we usually find that our patients fit into one of three different categories depending on their particular situation and health goals. Below you’ll see the different types of patients we serve.

  • Pain symptom relief
  • Get rid of pain and correct the cause of the pain problems
  • Wellness and maintenance to perform better

Watch the video to the right to hear Dr. Foss explain the types of patients he serves at Pura Vida Chiropractic.







Meet Dr Foss

Dr. Foss

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Our unique approach to health and healing has brought people to my office from Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, Ireland, Romania and Canada.


Muy bienvenidos a mi oficina soy Dr. Foss, Quiropráctico. ¿Tal vez ustedes llegaron aquí porque sufres de dolor? ¿No puedes trabajar? ¿Tuve un accidente o una caída? Quiero que Uds. entiendan que han llegado al sitio correcto. Puede ver este video en Español abajo. Llama mi oficina para más información.
Dr. Foss lived in several Spanish speaking countries while practicing Chiropractic. After moving to San Antonio with a large Latino community, he knew there was a need for a Spanish speaking chiropractor who understood the Latino culture and who could relate to Latino families. He understands that many Latinos living in San Antonio are looking for health care that doesn’t involve pharmaceutical drugs and unnecessary tests and exams found in traditional medicine.

This is what makes chiropractic care ideal for Latino people looking for a natural and effective way of staying healthy. To help convey chiropractic benefits to his Spanish-speaking patients, Dr. Foss created Pura Vida Chiropractic, a bilingual chiropractic clinic, where you can get the most effective chiropractic care in your native language. Being able to communicate using Spanish when working with my Latino patients lets me gain a much better understanding of who they are and how to help them. Come experience Pura Vida Chiropractic and describe what’s bothering you in Spanish – you won’t have to worry about your ailments being lost in translation.

There’s no substitute for a doctor that understands you on every level, and Dr. Foss finds that knowing the native language of his patients plays a big role in achieving that.

We can’t wait to meet you—get started today!


From the moment that I walked in, he made me feel very comfortable. He was able to put the puzzle pieces together..6 months a full range of motion.



No podia caminar, depues de un sesion con Dr Foss puede empezar a caminar. Dos hernias de discos severos en la columna. Gracias Dr Foss estoy 100% mejor.


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