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Meet Dr. Foss

At age 24, As a child I suffered from a condition called torticollis. I was in 3rd grade and bent down to pick up a pencil and my neck got stuck to one side. My teacher at the time sent me to the school nurse and then the school nurse sent for my mom who then took me to our family medical doctor. The family doctor took one look at my neck. Not even feeling it and told my mom this kid needs “Valium” and “Vicodin” or pain killers and muscle relaxants. My mom, who did not believe or approve of such strong medicine, much less for a 3rd grader, decided to walk out of the medical office and across the street to a chiropractor. It was the first time anyone in our family had seen a chiropractor. After a complete and thorough examination the chiropractor touched my neck and said “we found the problem.” He laid me down on the table and I felt a painless “snap and pop” and my neck straightened out.

“From that day forward I wanted to study everything I could about Chiropractic”.

Dr. Foss’ Chiropractic Background

I have practiced over 12 different Chiropractic techniques in 3 continents and over 7 countries. Graduated from Western States Chiropractic College, 2003 Associate Doctor – Quiropractica America Central, Costa Rica (May 2003 – June 2004) Associate Doctor – Quiropractic Barcelona, Spain (June 2004 – June 2006) Associate Locum Doctor – Locum Tenens Doctor, Ireland, Netherlands, Guatemala (June 2006 – January 2008) Associate Doctor – Advantage Healthcare, San Antonio, Texas (January 2008 – January 2010) Clinic Owner and Director – Pura Vida Chiropractic, San Antonio, Texas (January 2010 – Present) As a chiropractor in San Antonio, I opened my office, Pura Vida Chiropractic, in 2010. In Costa Rica the people say “pura vida” which means to have a pure, healthy, wholesome, and wellness-based lifestyle which is what Chiropractic is all about.

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