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When I became a chiropractor in San Antonio and, more specifically, in the Castle Hills area, I made a promise to myself – I would extend the best care to all of my patients, regardless of the language they speak.

Working with clients from all over the globe – from Asia to Europe – helped me understand the importance of providing chiropractic care to everyone. To this end, and because of the large Latino community in Castle Hills and all of San Antonio, I decided to ensure each of my Latino patients gets proper treatment even if they’re not that familiar with the English language.

My bilingual Latino clients also benefit greatly from the opportunity to describe ailments in their native language – being able to understand them in Spanish guarantees that I catch on to every nuance when listening about their health.

Seeing how large the Latino community in Castle Hills was made me understand the importance of catering to it. Despite Latin Americans making up for nearly 40% of Castle Hills residents, nobody offered affordable chiropractic care to Spanish speakers – this had to change.

My Latino clients are as diverse as they come. Some are office workers, small business owners and pregnant moms whose jobs force them to sit in a chair longer than is healthy. Others have physical jobs in construction or teachers that have them stand upright, but still suffer damage caused by hunching over or performing repetitive actions over longer periods of time.

Latino athletes and sports enthusiasts are also among my frequent clients. They want professional care that will remove any aches causing them to underperform. More than that, they’d like to gain an edge by feeling healthier and more energized.

I’m well-aware that Latino people have always appreciated natural remedies and ways of staying healthy without resorting to pharmaceuticals or other traditional medical treatments. I am proud to offer holistic chiropractic care – one that fixes the entire body, rather than just focusing on its parts.

  • Plenty of my Latino clients come to me because of an injury or a feeling of reduced well-being. Some, however, simply want an alternative to a modern medicine that doesn’t always help as much as it promises to. I welcome the desire to restore your body to health and keep it that way while minimizing your reliance on chemicals and unnatural treatments. Doctors these days have a habit of prescribing first and asking questions later, which doesn’t help instill faith – we’ve all heard concerning stories of pharmaceutical drugs doing more harm than good.
  • Once you have decided to place your health in my hands, you no longer have to worry about foreign compounds making you ill while promising to make things better, nor will you be forced to work with a physician who doesn’t understand the patient’s needs.
  • I see the body as a single entity rather than one comprised of parts – to fix a specific ailment, we will first need to address your general health.
  • Latino people are known for their strong and indomitable spirit. Yet we all know that the stresses of modern life can make it very difficult for bodies to keep up with spirits. If you’ve been experiencing hardships in your day-to-day, don’t put the blame on yourself – every day, we are asked to do more while less and less attention is paid to our needs.
  • The moment you step through the doors of my Pura Vida Chiropractic clinic, I promise you that will change. To heal a person, one first needs to understand them well. This is why to me, in my practice, knowing Spanish is just as important as knowing English. I’m grateful for the ability to talk to my patients in their native language and better learn what troubles them.
  • To get how we do things, you need not look past the name of my clinic: Pura Vida, or Pure Life, for everyone. Your body is an incredibly powerful mechanism. To us, purity means helping your body repair itself with gentle nudges rather than resorting to outside influences in hopes of fixing things.
  • We’ve made sure that our Latino clients feel as if their treatments at Pura Vida go in line with the way they want to lead their lives – strengthening the body and mind to cope with whatever life throws their way. Our chiropractic care doesn’t just aim to fix the problem at hand, but instead makes you healthier as a whole, letting you enjoy any activity you set your mind too.


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