Trigeminal Neuralgia and Chiropractic

Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) is a very painful condition where the Trigeminal cranial nerve or cranial nerve #5 becomes entrapped or demyelinated. When the nerve becomes trapped it is usually due to inflammation or blockage. Demyelination occurs when the nerve either becomes infected or compressed. Demyelination is when a nerve starts to lose its nerve transmission. It can become a very debilitating disorder.
Some of the causes of can be typical as described above and can also be atypical or what is called Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia(ATN) or Atypical Facial Pain.
ATN usually is due to demyelination of the nerve usually caused by either a trip to the Dentist where the Dentist hits the inferior or superior alveolar nerve or due to an abcess of a tooth that causes inflammation and subsequent demyelination. To fix this problem the tooth and or abscess is removed and usually the pain goes away.
Movement of the cranial bones can also cause entrapment of the Trigeminal nerve. When the bones of the skull move out of alignment or subluxate they can put pressure or blockage onto the cranial nerves. This can happen either due to trauma, sinus pressure, or stress. Cranial chiropractic adjustments can help to remove this pressure and alleviate the source of the problem.
The difference between a typical chiropractic adjustment which usually focuses on the spine and a cranial chiropractic adjustment is that the focus is on moving the cranial bones. Dr Foss has advanced training in cranial chiropractic and has helped numerous patients with TN not only eliminate their pain but stay healthy so the TN does not come back.
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